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Pack Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Your Weekend Travel Essentials

Pack Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Your Weekend Travel Essentials

Getting ready for that upcoming weekend getaway with your friends or colleagues? It does not matter if you’re packing ahead of time or cramming, just make sure you don’t forget to bring the following vacation essentials with you:

  1. Swimwear

Whether you’re going to the beach, a resort, or some far-flung nature area, swimwear is something you shouldn’t forget. Pick the perfect bikini or swimming trunks that not only looks flattering on your body but also makes you feel comfortable so you’re sure to have a great time and leave with some sizzling hot vacation pictures!

  1. Comfortable footwear

Wherever it is you plan to have an adventure, always bring the comfiest flip-flops / sandals / shoes that you have. Don’t make the mistake of bringing your brand new sneakers or those slippers you bought from the tiangge for only 20 pesos. You’ll regret getting even the tiniest speck of dirt on your pristine sneaks and you’ll feel sorry for yourself when your cheap slippers end up as broken, useless pieces of rubber. Save yourself the hassle and just bring a trusted pair of well-made sneakers and sturdy flip flops.

  1. Comfortable clothes

There’s no problem with wanting to get photos that could pass as bloggers’ photos. However, as much as you want to look stylish in pictures, make it a point to also ensure that the clothes you bring are as comfortable as they are stylish. Don’t go hiking wearing a maxi dress or don’t go to the beach wearing super tight denim jeans. You don’t want to ruin your clothes and you most definitely do not want to be the one who endlessly rants during the entire trip just because you chose the wrong clothes to wear/bring.

  1. Sunblock and First Aid Kit

ALWAYS bring sunblock and a First Aid Kit with you wherever you go. It is extremely important for you to regularly protect your skin with some sunscreen especially if your skin is extra sensitive. Don’t let sunburn get in the way of your vacation; protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Also, ALWAYS travel with a small but sufficient supply of essential medical and hygiene necessities such as band aid / plaster, alcohol, disinfectant wipes, and medications like painkillers and antihistamines for allergies.

  1. Money, gadgets, IDs in a secure bag

You’ll definitely need money for food and souvenirs and possible emergency purposes; you’ll need your gadgets to take photos and to keep in touch with your travel buddies; and you’ll need your IDs for identification (and discounts for some!). But what’s more important is for you to keep these valuable objects in a secure place that you can easily access but can also easily secure in a safer space in your bag.

Another tip: Pack light and only bring the things that you’re sure you will absolutely use. Not only will this make travelling to your destination less hassling, it also makes you save space for more pasalubong when you go back home.

Travel with these essentials, always consider your safety, and enjoy every moment of your adventure!

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