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7 Types of People You Will Meet on the Beach Front

7 Types of People You Will Meet on the Beach Front

The beach is one of the favorite getaways of the Filipinos as we are geographically surrounded by seas. We get to enjoy beautiful beaches mostly in an affordable price because of the accessibility. That is also why a lot of people are populating beach resorts (link) all year round. Here are various, most engaging types of people you will see (and other’s sentiments) in the beach side:

  1. The Beach Body Exhibition-ist

We thought we’re in the beach, little did we know, we could also be in a fashion show and we’re underdressed. Okay fine, you graced your bikini and board shorts well in your beach body and you just need to show that abs you worked hard for all your life or luckily weeks before your escapade. Please just clarify the drama of unbuttoned-and-unzipped-short-shorts, girls – either remove it or zip it.

  1. The Shutterbug

The sunset, the waves, the… passers-by you don’t know… in bikini. How can you not notice the best angles and views? And yes, we notice your camera and its brand on the sling. Keep an eye on it and keep shooting.

  1. The Drunkard

On the beach plus shots of tequila equals total mess. Now you see him enjoying the alcohol. The next thing he’s puking in the hand-shoveled sand he did sober-moments ago, and the last thing you see is either he’s sleeping or he’s dead because of heart attack. Uh-oh!

  1. The Love Birds

The beach and the sunset is surely a romantic date – plus the messages in the sand with your names and hearts. Be sure to know that you’re still in a public place and limit your actions to what is tolerable by the Filipino public. Don’t worry, your hotel room is just a heartbeat away. Spread the love!

  1. The Sporty Spice

Beach volley, Frisbee and surfing – you’d get to see a lot of these and more on the beach. Often played when you travel in groups or some corporate team building. Some really knows the drill, most of them has their own set of excuses – who cares?

  1. The Party Animals

One of the most exciting part in the beach side is the night life. Some people go to these kind of events to have the chance to dance, be young, and to meet strangers who thinks of the same agenda – creating memories to be left on the beach. Sounds fun!

  1. The Selfie Royalty

Geared by the trending monopod or ‘selfie’ pod – you’ll see these selfie geeks everywhere, taking timer-ed photos of themselves – alone and in group – for about tens of times or so. Narcissistic much? We’re still undecided if that’s a great invention.

Are we missing more? For sure, share them with us! What are your experiences in the beach front?

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