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Our Story How ResortsGate came to be

ResortsGate is more than just a platform; it’s the realization of a dream that began in the charming university town of Los Baños, nestled in Laguna, a province renowned as the Philippines’ resorts capital – where our Founder was born and raised.

During his university years, he worked as a resort caretaker, where he had gained a deep understanding of the industry and the market, and eventually in 2012, created a modest website that accepted inquiries and bookings to some of the locality’s private resorts, sort of a competitor of on-the-street resort agents. While it enjoyed a brief taste of success, the platform’s scalability was limited.

In 2016 came a pivotal moment when we launched ResortsGuide.ph, earning the prestigious title of ‘YE! Startup Summit Philippines’ champion.

Fast forward to 2023, when local tourism bounces back to unprecedented heights post-pandemic, ResortsGate is on its mission to bridge the age-old charm of resort communities with the demands of today’s tech-savvy holiday-makers. Our story is a testament to the journey of a dreamer turned doer, and it’s a story that continues to unfold with each traveler’s adventure.

A resort agent offering small private pools for rent to passing motorists in Laguna

Why Choose ResortsGate At ResortsGate, we're the matchmakers of memorable vacations. Our mission is to connect you with the perfect resort accommodations with ease. We are passionate and committed in making your dream getaways a reality.

Customizable Bookings

We make sure you get to book the resort exactly as you need it. Booking through ResortsGate lets you place reservations with your very specific preferences and unique arrangements.

Reliability & Convenience

Search-inquire-book! We respond to inquiries and booking requests the soonest possible time, and you can secure your reservation through the most convenient payment channels for you.

Fully Transparent

Booking a resort through ResortsGate is FREE! No extra charges guaranteed. We're also working on getting the lowest rates for you, exclusive only to ResortsGate users.

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